What is an ABA File and how do I upload it to my Internet Banking Provider?

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

What is an ABA File?

ABA files are used by Australian banks to identify payments being made from a single bank account to another or multiple accounts.

Generally, employers will pay employees through an ABA file that their payroll software automatically generates.

Once you've got your ABA file, all you'll need to do is upload it to your internet banking portal and authorise the payments.

How do I upload an ABA File to my internet banking provider?

With ABA files you can pay your employees automatically through your internet banking provider.

However, how you do this depends on your provider.

All providers have slightly different ways of processing ABA payments.

We've attached links to the major banking sites and their instructions on how to upload upload ABA files to their internet banking sites.





Bendigo Bank

Bank of Queensland

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