NEW: Quarterly pay run option available!

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

With the STP deadline for micro-employers approaching quickly, we needed to provide our micro-employers with a suitable STP option.

So, we've added an option for quarterly pay runs!

Micro-employers will be able to add their STP data for the quarter and send it through to the ATO in the one go.

You'll be able to save time whilst still complying with the ATO's micro-employer regulations.

For more information on how you can set this up, check out this tutorial.

We've also tried to keep it super simple and not mess with what you're used to.

This means that you can add your quarterly pay run, the exact same way that you would add a weekly, fortnightly or monthly one.

Once again, this feature was added because of all the great feedback you continue to give us!

If there's anything you want to see us add, request it here.

Otherwise, happy payrolling!

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