NEW: Add lump amounts and/or commission to pay runs!

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

As many of you either pay yourself irregularly or have employees that receive irregular amounts each pay period that aren't necessarily linked to the number of hours worked, we added a new option to help you out.

From now on you will be able to change the basis of how an employee gets paid from hours to commission/lump amount in a pay run.

By clicking on Commission only, you can manually enter the amount they get paid in the pay period.

We've got a full tutorial of how to do this for you to follow.

It should be noted that this method will not accumulate leave so if you want to enter a leave amount, you will need to do so in the Opening balances in the employee's details in People.

Once again, this was the product of your feedback.

If there's something that you want to see, leave a request for it here

The more feedback that you give us, the better the product that we can make!

Thanks as always for your continued support!

Happy payrolling!

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