NEW: JobMaker - How to use Payroller to make JobMaker claims

Updated: Jan 3

If you're claiming JobMaker, you're required to report the payments both through the ATO and your STP software

We've added JobMaker payments to Payroller so you can nominate your employees for JobMaker and submit a claim during the JobMaker claim periods.

Unlike JobKeeper, JobMaker nominations and claims are not reported as part of your normal pay runs. Instead, you report them separately using our 'JobMaker' function in 'Run Payroll'.

There are two parts to the JobMaker update - nominating your staff and claiming JobMaker payments for a particular period.

Nominations are done through the 'Employees' tab and claims for specific periods are made through the 'JobMaker Submissions' tab.

Check out our tutorials for more information.

Please ensure your business and employees are eligible for the scheme before you nominate them. Check out the ATO website for more information.

You will also need to register for the scheme with the ATO and report to them quarterly through their online services to receive the payments.

If you have any questions about how you can make JobMaker claims through Payroller, please get in contact with our support team!

Happy payrolling!

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