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Updated: Mar 23

Jacqueline Mitchell founded her first business Art Logic in 2002.

The business gathered local South Australian artists and rented their art to businesses on a rotation basis.

"Because Art Logic did not want to destroy our clients' pristine walls by drilling new screws into them every time their art was rotated we decided to install gallery hanging systems for them."

This meant they could hang art of any dimension wherever they wanted on their clients' walls without damaging their walls.

Initially Art Logic installed the picture hanging systems for its corporate clients.

Soon, these clients and their clients wanted picture hanging rails in their homes.

After realising there was a high demand for art tracks systems, she started her second business Hang Logic.

Since its founding in 2005, Hanglogic has installed about 100 km of hanging rails in homes, schools, offices libraries, council buildings, sports venues, cafés, restaurants and medical practices.

Last year, they even became a direct import, only one of three in Australia, of Artiteq's picture hanging system.

Making the tough parts of business easy

Jacqueline learned just how tough it is to run a business when she started her first business.

"I was 45 when I created my first business, until then I had always worked as a freelancer and was much easier."

She found it difficult to find the funds and the space to finance and store all the components of the picture hanging system.

In 2020, she needed a Single Touch Payroll system to report her wages to the ATO.

"I searched the web for a Single Touch Payroll system. I was attracted to the colours and images Payroller uses - that's what initially hooked me."

She found the Payroller website aesthetically appealing.

Jacqueline also loved the ease of use and the logical structure behind the system.

"It makes my life as a small business owner easy, I actually enjoy using it."

The endless possibilities of business

Jacqueline's favourite thing about running her business is all the opportunities for hanging art that is made possible with her hanging systems.

"I'm in love with the amazing possibilities for hanging art that this hanging system offers."

Her advice to other business owners is to simply use Payroller:

Use Payroller to make what is normally an arduous task fun and easy.

Check out Hang Logic's website or on Facebook and Instagram for more!

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