How to register your Payroller account with the ATO (2 methods)

Updated: Jan 4

As the STP date starts to creep up, you'll need to nominate Payroller as your STP software to the ATO.

We've put together this little tutorial to help you out with this.

Before you begin, you'll need to know where to find your Software ID.

Where to find your Payroller unique Software ID:

Payroller > Settings > STP Settings > Software ID

Method 1:

1. Go to the Access Manager login page

2. Log in to 'Access Manager'.

3. Click on 'My hosted SBR software service

4. Select 'Notify the ATO of your hosted service'.

5. Search for Payroller by entering our ABN (91 617 668 185) or our Software Service Provider name (Payroller).

5. Add your unique Software ID (Can be found in Payroller > settings > STP Settings) and click 'Next

6. To finalise, click 'Save'.

Method 2:

1. Get your software ID from Payroller in the Settings section

2. Contact the ATO via 1300 85 22 32

3. Ask to nominate an STP software for your business.

4. Follow their instructions.

Great work!

You are now registered with the ATO and on your way to being STP ready.

With this particular process, we recommend asking the ATO for help if you need it but if there's anything we can provide, let us know.

In the meantime, happy payrolling!

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