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How BAS Agents can register their clients for STP

If you're doing the payroll or STP for multiple clients, you'll need a way of registering them for Single Touch Payroll (STP).

In this article, we'll explain the correct steps you need to take to do just that.

Ensure that you are a registered agent (or become one)

To report STP for your client as their agent, you must be a registered agent.

You can register by completing an online application and provide supporting documentation to the Tax Practitioners Board.

You can find more information about being a payroll service provider here.

Link your clients

To lodge an STP report for your client, the client needs to be listed under your client list.

The ATO will not accept STP reports from agents on behalf of a client without the correct connection in place.

If your client is an existing client, they will likely already be linked as a client.

If your client is not an existing client, you will need to link by following the instructions given by the ATO.

For clients that you are providing a payroll service only, you will need to 'Add payroll only client'. This can be done through Online service for agents.

Notify the ATO of the client's Software ID

The next step is to notify the ATO of your client's unique Software ID.

Please note: You are not supposed to report the client's Software ID to your BAS Agent Portal or BAS Access Manager.

One option is to ask the client to ring the ATO or use the business portal and business access manager to nominate heir Software ID and chosen their SBR software service (their STP software).

Alternatively, you can notify the ATO as their agent.

To do this, you can call the ATO in 1300 852 232 and tell them that you are an authorised contact as their Registered Agent and that you are nominating the software for the client.

Specifically, you can state that you want to 'Notify the ATO of a hosted SBR software service'.

You will want the following information on hand to give to the ATO:

  • Your Agent name

  • Your Agent contact details

  • Your RAN

  • The Client's ABN

  • The name of the Software Provider or their ABN

  • The SSID (unique Software ID

There is also the option to complete a bulk notification request if you are a registered agent and you need to notify multiple Software IDs for your clients.

Registering your clients for quarterly reporting concessions

If your client is a micro employer (1-4 employees), they may be eligible for STP quarterly reporting concessions.

As their agent, you will need to apply for these on their behalf.